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DI VINCENZO, a luxury Italian label, launches “Angeles” set to arrive in select stores globally with its fine quality women’s knitwear made to fit like a glove.


Created by creative director and designer Anya Di Vincenzo in June 2018, “Angeles” takes inspiration from Old Hollywood glamour combined with the essence of Michelangelo’s Renaissance drawings of angels to evoke elegance and prestige.


The debut limited edition collection includes a variety of dresses, separates, and gowns. True to its name, “Angeles” showcases ethereal garments characterized by unique laser-cut details, metallic accents, leopard print, and fringe for a curated look that is both chic and edgy.


Inspired by the silhouette of the human body, Di Vincenzo celebrates artisan craftsmanship and beauty in every shape and form. Its vast collection of dresses and separates is constructed using modern technology, innovative textiles, and engineered artwork.


Each garment is constructed with the utmost precision as if to imitate a sculptor at work- so that the final garment sculpts and moves with the body like a custom-made cocoon. The harmonious blend of luxurious knits and yarns, sourced biannually in Italy’s prestigious Pita Filati event, ensures that each garment is made to stretch or shrink to accentuate all body types.

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